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Bad Habits


Addictions / Bad Habits

Many of us go through our lives unconsciously overdoing things without a thought as to why. Too much wine, cake, gossiping or shopping. Working silly hours. Years stuck on prescription medications. Social media. Gambling. Gorging on internet porn.


Whilst all of these things may be fine occasionally or in moderation, if you're overdoing it, it's because you're trying to fill your void. Many people don't even know they have a void? If you want to find out if you have a void and how big it is, go without your favourite comforts/distractions (addiction) for a few days and see what happens. It will say hello.

“There are all kinds of addicts, I guess. We all have pain. And we all look for ways to make the pain go away.” 

Sherman Alexie


Your void gets bigger the more you fill it with the wrong things. It's insatiable and the bigger it gets the more unhealthy and unhappy you'll get.


If you want to shrink your void or make it vanish completely, the starting point is to improve the relationship you have with yourself. We have to get you feeling happy in your soul without trying to fill the void with all the wrong things that will never work.


It’s important not to label yourself too. If you call yourself an “addict” then you are reinforcing that message in your subconscious mind. Whatever it is that you are abusing, we can change your relationship with it so that you become the master and not the servant. You are YOU. You are not a label.


We start by finding out how the brain works and how we can ‘rewire’ it so that you no longer crave alcohol, cocaine, porn etc. We take a look at where you are in your life and where you’d like to be? And then we create small manageable steps to get you there.


Would you like to drop unwanted thinking and lead a healthier more productive life?

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