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Ah, pity the poor smoker. Lectured by everyone and relentlessly reminded that their habit is antisocial, expensive, filthy and will kill them! Facts you already know. You must be sick hearing it.


As an ex 40 a day man you’ll get no lectures here. All I can say is that prior to learning hypnotherapy techniques, I’d tried and failed countless times through willpower etc to stop! No success. Just got really bad tempered and went and bought more fags after a few hours. I couldn’t even last a day.


“Get me well so I can get on television and tell people to stop smoking."

Nat KingCole (Who died of lung cancer aged 64)

Whilst I can’t guarantee success, if you are truly committed to stopping, I can help you. And the good news is, willpower is not required. The nicotine addiction myth is a psychological trick. Ask yourself how you can sit on a plane to Florida for 10 hours and it doesn’t bother you that you can’t smoke? If you want to know the answer and kick the habit get in touch.


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