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Are you ready to re-emerge from lockdown?

After nearly 2 months of 'captivity', we will all soon be called to re-emerge back into the workplace over the next few weeks.

If you've been furloughed, you may be feeling a bit rusty and apprehensive about your 'match-fitness' to re-enter your workplace. You may not even want to go back - but the mortgage payments will compel you to do so.

In many, anxiety levels will be naturally high and self-confidence may have seemingly disappeared. Additionally, we all know that the post-Covid workplace will feel very different in an economy that is on its knees.

Most companies will be fighting for survival. Bosses and line-managers will be feeling under pressure to get back on track and this will no doubt impact on their, patience, diplomacy and 'people skills'.

So what can you do? Well, you can start spending 20 minutes a day, visualizing yourself back in your workplace.

Imagine getting ready in the morning, feeling positive and well-rested and pleased things are getting back to normal.

Imagine your journey to work and looking forward to meeting your colleagues again and the feelgood factor and health benefits of real positive social interaction.

Imagine being the most relaxed, calm, positive person in the office. In fact, you're so relaxed, you are able to settle those around you who are comforted (even surprised) by your relaxed, positive attitude.

Imagine focusing on performing even better than you did pre-Covid and feeling almost like it's day one in a new job and you are determined to make an impression. You are excited about the future and you feel lucky to still have a job.

Imagine being understanding, receptive and helpful to an under-pressure boss who is still stuck in 'survival' mode and may not even realise they are being abrupt or demanding.

Just 20 minutes a day, visualising really 'feeling' like this will program your subconscious mind to make it a reality.

You will be mentally 'reframing' a future possible scenario and your conscious mind will behave as instructed by your positive subconscious mental rehearsal.

It's a 'choice' whether we behave like quivering jellies or a solid calm headland when we face the inevitable challenges that life brings. Which will you choose?

If you need any help with this visualisation exercise, or just generally lowering anxiety and getting your confidence levels back up, please get in touch. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for increasing confidence and optimum mental and emotional health.

Sessions are still online for now but it looks like face-to-face (following social distance guidelines) will be an option in 2 or 3 weeks.

Good luck to everyone on their 're-emergence' day.

Photo by Andrew Neel - Unsplash

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