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The Power of 'No'

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

'No' is one of my favourite words. A very short but complete sentence. When you learn to say ‘no’ more it feels really good.

When you say ‘no’ more often to the things you don’t actually want to do you get to say YES to all the things you DO want to do.

And another thing, when you say ‘no’, you don’t have to explain why? You don’t have to lie or make an excuse.

I’m not saying you should be rude? But ‘no thanks’ is just fine. Once you start you will feel amazing and you’ll be doing it all the time. Go on try it. Stop being a people-pleaser. Wash all that grimy ‘yes to everything-ness’ off of your over obliging body and lather in some 'no'.

If you need help with low self-esteem or self-confidence, please email me your details to arrange a consultation.

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