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Your Brain Doesn't Like Change!

At least, the primitive ‘child’ part of your brain doesn’t like it. Change means adjustment to reality. Luckily, we have another part of our brain - the conscious, intellectual part - and the acknowledgment of the need for change in our lives comes from there. It may manifest as a niggle? Or as a loud voice screaming “this has got to stop”!?

And sometimes change can feel daunting? I know from personal experience that changing negative self-talk or giving up (or controlling) an enjoyable but ultimately destructive behaviour can feel like a scary prospect?

If you feel in a place to start exploring change in your life. If the knowing parent voice is getting stronger than the wilful child - I can help you understand your behaviours and set you on your way to a preferred future where self-destructive thinking and behaviours are a thing of the past.

Please get in touch to arrange an initial consultation. Fully qualified, confidential and insured hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

© Gary Sutherland Reset Hypnotherapy

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